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'32 Mirage & '92 Drag Star Bracket Racer Wheels

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32  Race Star Heritage Series Mirage™  18’s & 20’s  In Stock NOW!
34  Race Star Rattler™  Polished & Metallic Gray, 15"x5"  Available Oct. 2016
82  ProLite™  Dark Star Black Chrome & Gray/Machined All sizes In Stock NOW!

88  Dart Series Wheel™  Black/Polished & Metallic Gray/Machined, 15"x8", BC 4x100  In Stock!

91  Drag Star 4-Lug Racer™  Black/Polished & Metallic Gray/Machined, 15"x8", BC 4x100 & 4x108  In Stock!
92  Drag Star Bracket Racer™  Durable Metallic Gray Finish  In Stock NOW!
92  Drag Star Polished™ Double Beadlock  with 5.5", 6.25" & 7.0" backspacing available  Now In Stock!
92  Drag Star Polished™ DIRECT DRILL (DP)  New 17x10.5” For The New Camaro & Mustangs in stock. 2009 and up CTS-V Coupe (17” & 18”) & Sedan (18”)  In Stock NOW!
92  Drag Star Dark Star™ DIRECT DRILL (DSD)  New 17x10.5” For the New Camaro & Mustangs in stock. 2009 and up CTS-V Coupe (17” & 18”) & Sedan (18”)  In Stock NOW!
92  "Lightning" Drag Star™  Polished & Dark Star Two new sizes 17x7” & 17x10.5 NOW IN STOCK! ... along with new fitments for ’94 and up Dodge Pickup!
93  Truck Star™  New 6 Lug for 2014 Late Model Trucks - Available in New Chrome & Black Chrome Finishes!
94  Super Star™  Limited sizes available, Contact your RACESTAR dealer TODAY!
95  Recluse™  Euro Sport Street/Strip Wheel .. 3 finishes in 15x10”, 17x4.5”, 17x7”,17x10.5”, 18x5”, 18x8.5”, 18x10.5”, 20x10” & 20x11” for Late Model Muscle including Mustang, Camaro, Corvette. Available early 2017 - check with your RACESTAR dealer!
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88 Dart

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95 Recluse

We are a manufacturer and supplier of high performance alloy wheels for Cars, Trucks and a variety of racing vehicles, located in the Kansas City area. Our wheels are no weld, cast aluminum alloy, engineered to truly fit popular Late Model Muscle applications featuring large diameter brake packages. New Lines are constantly being developed, expanding applications through all the early and late model muscle cars focused on aggressive large diameter fitments with “limited” brake caliper modifications required.

The 92 Drag Star and the Dark Star designs commemorate our commitment to true street and drag strip performance wheels offering light weight, cutting edge design wheels at an affordable price with true “out of the box” direct fit applications! The New 82 Pro Light, a Direct Drilled Street/Strip Wheel is now available. A True Classic Design with improved Brake Clearance to accommodate the large diameter brake systems found on Late model Muscle Cars! The 82 Pro Light is available in both Gray/Machined and Dark Star Finishes.

The new 95 Recluse will be coming to market in 2017 featuring three premium finishes; Chrome, Black Chrome and Gray/Machined. A wide size-range starting with 15x10” rear fitments combined with 17”, 18” and 20” diameters in varied widths enabling the customer to elect his own choice in standard or staggered fitments.

AVAILABLE IN 15", 17", 18" & 20"

January 1, 2014 we introduced our 93 Truck Star Wheel, a 6 spoke wheel designed for the new 2014 late model Ford and GM trucks, thus adding more options to our offering of drag and street wheels!

January 1, 2015 we introduced the 92 Drag Star Polished Double Beadlock Wheel, a 15x10, 5 spoke Double Beadlock wheel designed for late model Mustang, Camaro & 60's Muscle Cars. NOBODY ELSE OFFERS A 15X10” DOUBLE BEADLOCK WITH A 7.25” BACKSPACE FOR MUSTANG & CAMARO - NOBODY!!!!!

January 1, 2016 RACESTAR WHEELS introduced 5 New Designs to the Race Star Family, 92 Drag Star Bracket Racer, 91 Drag Star 4-Lug, 32 Mirage, available in both the polished and Metalic Gray/Machined finishes, the 88 Dart for the 4 lug 100mm, and the 1950's inspired 34 Rattler… a timeless design to work well with the 32 Mirage Wheels on the rear.


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