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Race Star Technical Bulletins
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Installation Instructions

Race Star Wheels require a shank style lug nut, with the use of a Centered washer. When using a shank style lug nut it engages more thread on the lug stud than a traditional conical seat lug nut. It is recommended to clean or chase the threads on the lug stud before installing the shank style lug nut. This will ensure the thread to be consistent and debris free the entire length of the lug stud and will prevent binding which could cause the lug stud to be damaged or even break. Once this is complete use some anti-seize for protection and lubrication on each stud and you are ready for the installation.

Hub Centric Rings a Hub Centric Ring is a ring that is placed in the center bore of the wheel and centers the wheel to the specific vehicle application. Hub Centric Rings are recommended as they center the wheel to the vehicle application to eliminate any vibration and to assist in the installation process, our 92 series wheels do REQUIRE hub rings.

Standard Torque Specs: 7/16 75-85 ft lbs, ½ 85-95 ft lbs and 12mmx1.5 95ft lbs

If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call...

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