Race Star Wheels Expands on Partnerships with Racers,Teams for 2019


Newly introduced wheels will debut on race cars including KB Racing’s NHRA Pro Stocks in upcoming season.

KEARNEY, MO – Jan. 31, 2019 – Race Star Wheels announces an expansion of partnerships with racers and teams across several classes for 2019.  From grassroots racers to an NHRA race team, Race Star’s wheels have contributed to winning results at all levels of drag racing. Their in-depth focus on designing for performance paired with high quality manufacturing equates to providing a solid platform for race cars to effectively launch.

“As cars continue to get faster and produce more horsepower, we knew that our wheel had to rise to the level of today’s racing advancements along with an eye towards the future,” said L.B. Davis, owner of Race Star Wheels. “I am extremely proud of the work that we’ve put in to developing the Pro-Forged wheel line and even more excited to have these wheels available to racers this year.”

KB Racing Partnership:

Race Star expands on their partnership with KB Racing’s NHRA Pro Stock teams. Champions Jason Line and Greg Anderson will run the Pro-Forged Pro Stock 16”x16” and 15”x3.5” wheel set-up on their cars this season. Line reached the Winner’s Circle last season on the Pro-Forged wheel combination while Anderson will debut the new Race Star wheels at Winternationals.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with KB Racing.  They are a class organization,” said Davis.  “Jason Line and Greg Anderson are tremendous representatives of the sport of racing and we are so happy to have them support and endorse the brand of Race Star.”

NMRA Racers:

Kent Nine will debut Race Star’s new Pro-Forged 15”x10” polished wheel along with the 15”x3.5” black with machined accents front runner on his 2006 Mustang Convertible in the Limited Street class. “We’re really excited to be back with Race Star for the 2019 NMRA season!” said Nine. “I love the design of the new Pro-Forged wheel and it’s light!”

Clair Stewart II will also run the new Pro-Forged set-up. His 1991 Mustang races in the Coyote Stock class and will sport the 15”x10” polished non-bead lock and 15”x3.5” polished lug mount wheels.

Larry Geddes, NMRA’s Sportsman of the Year nominee last season, teams up with Race Star and will be outfitting his 1990 Mustang with the Pro-Forged 15”x10” polished non-bead lock and 15”x3.5” polished lug mount wheels. On his first impressions of Race Star’s new wheels, Geddes said, “The first thing I realized was how incredibly lightweight they are.” Geddes runs in the Open Comp class.

Mid-season, three Race Star ambassadors will make a change to their wheel set-up. Miles Wagoner, racing in his 2016 Mustang in the Super Stang class, will make the switch from the Race Star 95 Recluse wheels to the new RSF-1 Pro-Forged 17”x10.5” and 18”x5” wheel combination.  John Mummery and Krystie Wagoner will also start the season with their existing Race Star wheel set-up and make a switch to new wheels mid-season.

Street Outlaws/No Prep Kings:

“Dominator” Joe Woods of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings has outfitted his 1967 Dodge Dart with Race Star’s Pro-Forged Pro Stock 16”x16” and 15”x3.5” wheels in a new black finish with machined accents.

“We look forward to seeing all of these great racers and teams sport our new wheels this year,” said Davis. “With our expanded presence at race tracks, we encourage everyone who may see us on the midway to visit us and see for themselves how our new wheels can put them in the winner’s circle.”


About Race Star Industries:

Race Star Industries designs and manufactures performance street and drag wheels at the highest quality. Used by winning race teams around the world, Race Star offers a variety of wheels with excellent fitment and enhanced style. Their lightweight wheel designs are credited for helping race cars achieve faster times at the strip. More information is available at

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