2020 Widebody Charger Hellcat Project


Our friends over at JLT Performance got their hands on a 2020 Widebody Charger Hellcat and have some serious plans for it….like 9 second 1/4 mile times and more! For time slips in that range you definitely want a serious drag race wheel, and we’re happy they chose to use Race Star Wheels to be a part of their project. Follow along at the link below as they take their Hellcat from street car to badass track weapon! #racestarwheels #jltperformance #dodgecharger #widebodychargerhellcat #hellcat #widebody #mopar

2020 Widebody Charger Hellcat Project

Everyone at some point regrets selling a vehicle they once owned. Whether it is due to job loss, buying a house etc, we’ve all been there. Not a day goes by that we haven’t regretted selling our Charger Hellcat – but when developing products for vehicles, it’s necessary to sell one vehicle to …

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