Alex Laughlin getting ready for Street Outlaws No Prep Kings this coming weekend…


Alex Laughlin getting ready for Street Outlaws No Prep Kings this coming weekend in Eagle, ID. One big change is he swapped out his 15″ wide wheels to our 16×18 Pro Forged Wheels for that monster footprint and downtrack stability! Good luck Alex!

Lots of progress today on the Corvette getting ready for No Prep Kings in Idaho next weekend. We weren’t originally thinking it was possible to get all these changes done in time to make this next event. However, I read a comment that said “So-and-so could do all of it and make it no problem.” So for that, thanks for the push because now we are! I really wish we could make some test hits before hitting the road but it’s a 2.5 day drive alone and we’ll just have to figure it out at the event… Changes we’ve made are:
Bigger tires- from 33.5” to 34.5”
Wider wheels- from 15” to 18”
New hubs to make new wheels work.
New shocks with giant air lifts.
Air lines and timers for new shocks.
Wing add-on for extra downforce.
And PLENTY of the small things that somehow add up like Amazon shopping on Christmas. But we’ll make it and just hope Idaho is good to us! Stay tuned! #npk #streetoutlawsnoprepkings #noprepracing #noprep


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