October 3, 2023

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Race Star had America Gasser build a nostalgia 1941 Willys gasser as a platform to display their wheels.

Race Star had America Gasser build a nostalgia 1941 Willys gasser as a platform to display their wheels. KB Racing, the NHRA Pro Stock Summit Racing team of Jason Line and Greg Anderson, was the selected engine builder. FEATURED ON DRAGZINE and STREET MUSCLE MAGAZINES


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Race Star Industries 1941 Willys Gasser

We are located in the Kansas City area and manufacture high performance alloy wheels for Cars, Trucks and a variety of racing vehicles.

… and manufacture high performance alloy wheels for Cars, Trucks and a variety of racing vehicles. Our wheels are no weld, cast aluminum alloy, engineered to truly fit popular Late Model Muscle applications featuring large diameter brake packages. New Lines are constantly being developed, expanding applications through all the early and late model muscle cars focused on aggressive large diameter fitments with “limited” brake caliper modifications required.

The 92 Drag Star and the Dark Star designs commemorate our commitment to true street and drag strip performance wheels offering light weight, cutting edge design wheels at an affordable price with true “out of the box” direct fit applications! The New 82 Pro Light, a Direct Drilled Street/Strip Wheel is now available. A True Classic Design with improved Brake Clearance to accommodate the large diameter brake systems found on Late model Muscle Cars! The 82 Pro Light is available in both Gray/Machined and Dark Star Finishes.

Moving Forward …..

Race Star leads the industry with the all-new 63 Pro-Forged with a 15”x 10”-12”-14” & 15” wheel in a 1 piece configuration. This wheel is the first in the industry to utilize Friction Stir Fusion Welding to achieve the one piece makeup in an all 6061 aluminum wheel. This allows Race Star to give you a wheel with less runout than the competition in a lighter weight wheel. It also means you will never find silicone on a Race Star wheel for you to worry about leaking welds. The technology we use is the same technology used in building a submarine to insure it can take the pressure at depth. This type welding makes the hull of a submarine one piece as it now makes our wheel one piece. Using this technology lets us make the wheel in all 6061 aluminum unlike our competition which uses a softer 5052 hoop/ rim half with a 6061 center welded together with silicone on the welds to help insure the welds don’t leak. We also have utilized this technology in our new 16”x 16” double bead lock wheels for Sportsman, Pro-Stock & Pro-Mod. The 16”x 16” one piece liner wheel which is by far the lightest liner wheel in the industry today, also enjoys the same technology used in its manufacture.

All of our new 15” and 17” 63 Pro-Forged Front Runners are 1-piece configuration. These front runners were put through a DOT J2530 cornering test for street use and passed with flying colors. You never need to worry about a wheel cracking when you make the turn at the end of the drag strip. SFI certification does not require a cornering test on a front runner but we do. We are all about safety in our product at Race Star and it is important we know the customer is safe on every wheel, so we go the extra mile to insure you know and are confident in the equipment you have on all four corners of your car.

Race Star comes with New Bronze color wheels in the 92 Drag Star Bracket Racer, 95 Recluse & 32 Mirage series wheels. Sales began on the new finish in March of 2019 and has been well received. As time goes on we will increase the size selection on this color as demand grows for those current sizes we do not currently stock. The 32 Mirage series has been enlarged with 15”x 6”-7”-8” and 10”wheels along with 17”x 6”-7”-8” and 9” wheels. These new sizes will help to complete the current line of 18” and 20” wheels in the 32 Mirage series.

At Race Star we all come together to make a difference every day. It is important to us while being a leader in innovation we keep your wheel purchase affordable so everyone can enjoy the sport. Today at Race Star we currently stock over 26,000 wheels from the 92 Drag Star to the 63 Pro-Forged and they are all Ready to Ship within 24 hours. Let us help you make your racing experience more enjoyable on Race Star wheels.

Greg Anderson celebrates 60th birthday with a 95th career pro-stock victory at Gainesville

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