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Defining Excellence in High-Performance Wheels

Race Star Industries is more than just a wheels manufacturer—we are a driving force of innovation, quality, and performance in the world of racing wheels.
Our Journey of Innovation

Redefining Excellence in Wheels Manufacturing

Established in May 2009 under the leadership of L.B. Davis, Race Star was born out of a vision to revolutionize the market by providing premium-quality, lightweight, and affordable wheels tailored to the needs of street performance and drag strip enthusiasts.

Our journey began with the introduction of the iconic 92 Drag Star, a wheel designed to bridge the gap between daily driving and drag-strip dominance. This innovative creation marked the foundation of our commitment to crafting wheels that enhance both on-road experiences and track performance.

The Race Star Difference

Race Grip Technology: Where Performance Meets Safety and Innovation

The introduction of our Race Grip Technology was yet another testament to our dedication to advancement. By designing wheels that held the tire in place without traditional bead locks, we significantly reduced weight and improved speed. This innovation, backed by rigorous testing and engineering prowess, demonstrated our commitment to both performance and safety.


Race Star Industries was founded by L.B. Davis with a vision to provide lightweight, affordable, and high-performance wheels for street and drag racing enthusiasts. The iconic 92 Drag Star is introduced, setting the foundation for innovation.


A pivotal year as Race Star shifts focus towards NHRA Pro Stock and Pro Mod racing. Ambitions soar as plans for the revolutionary Pro Forge series take shape. The use of Friction Stir Fusion welding technology marks a game-changing advancement in wheel manufacturing.


Collaborations with renowned racers like Greg Anderson and Jason Line solidify Race Star's commitment to excellence. The Pro Forge prototypes are put to the test on the track, garnering positive feedback and enhancing overall performance.


Race Grip technology is introduced, revolutionizing tire grip without traditional bead locks, resulting in reduced weight and increased speed. The Pro Forge series gains further traction as racers experience improved consistency and safety on the track.


Trust in Race Star wheels grows as more racers achieve podium finishes and set records in various categories. The community of speed enthusiasts united by Race Star's products continues to expand, embodying innovation, quality, and shared passion.


Race Star Industries becomes synonymous with high-performance wheel manufacturing, a trusted name in racing circles. With an ever-expanding inventory of ready-to-ship wheels and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Race Star continues to redefine standards in the racing industry.


The legacy of Race Star Industries thrives as the company remains a driving force in the racing world. Racers, professionals, and enthusiasts embrace the innovative and high-quality offerings that have become synonymous with the Race Star name.


The journey of Race Star Industries continues, marked by a history of innovation, milestones, and dedication to performance. With an eye on the future, Race Star Industries remains a leading wheels manufacturer, empowering racers to push boundaries and reach new heights of success.

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