Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty

Revision: 6 1 2009
Race Star Industries warrants that all wheels carrying the Race Star Industries name are free of structural, manufacturing or material defects, resulting in a structural failure, such as cracking or air loss, if used under normal and intended use of this warranty.

Concentricity Warranty

Race Star Industries warrants that all wheels are true within .028 radial and lateral run out. Warranty claims for lack of concentricity or out of round is limited to the first ninety days of ownership. Check wheels for out-of-round before mounting tires on the wheels, and/or within 90 days of purchase.

Normal and Intended Use:

Race Star Industries wheels are engineered and intended for Normal Street and Drag Racing use as specified. The Race Star Industries sizes 15×3.75, 15×5, 15×12, 15×14, 17×4.5, and 18×5 are intended for drag racing only and not intended for street use, except the 34 Rattler. Factory Warranty will become VOID if used on any type of Sports Racing, Road Race, Solo or 4-Wheel Drive.

Finish Warranty

Polished Finish: Polished wheels do not have a protected finish and will tarnish. Therefore they are not covered by any finish warranty either expressed or implied. Once mounted, the dealer or consumer accepts the finish of the wheel as is and there is no further finish warranty.

The Black Chrome/Dark Star PVD finish is a 4-coat paint process. When ordering these wheels 2 at a time, a finish/hue variance may be more noticeable due to different paint dye lots. High Power Pressure Washers can cause delamination of finish on Painted Wheels. Therefore there is no warranty on finish damage due to the use of power washing on ALL Painted

Exclusions & Limitations:

All warranties are extended to the initial retail purchaser only and are not transferable. Proof of purchase is required in every case. If initial purchaser provides proof of purchase and deemed a warranty wheel by Race Star Industries then Race Star Industries will provide a replacement wheel at no cost to purchaser.

Refunds will be at the sole discretion of Race Star Industries.

Exclusions from warranty coverage include damage or degradation caused by accident, abuse, fire, overload, modification. physical impact or exposure to harsh chemical agents. The replacement wheel may be a new or otherwise improved part. As such, it is not the responsibility of Race Star Industries to match the remaining vehicle wheels to the new part. This is a Limited Warranty. Therefore no warranties or representations expressed or implied, including and implied warranty of merchantability for fitness for particular purpose, which extends beyond the descriptions and limitations of the face hereof and none shall be implied by law. Race Star Industries neither assumes nor authorizes any dealer. Representative, or other person or entity to assume for it any obligation or liability in connection with Race Star Industries products, uses, or applications. Race Star Industries further reserves the right to make changes or improvements in design. materials, or specifications or make replacement products without incurring and obligations to replace, change or improve products manufactured prior hereto. Race Star Industries will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays, failure, or any consequential damage, regardless of cause. Race Star Industries will not be responsible for labor, transportation, or any other charges incurred in the replacement or repair of a defective part. This warranty does not limit your rights which may be available under
individual State Laws.

The Warranty is Void if:

The wheel is damaged in shipping. installer error, misuse, accident or negligence, or has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Race Star Industries. If the wheel was overloaded or used in an application other than its specified use. If you mount tires on wheels prior to test fitting wheels on cars, you own the wheels. Returns require prior written authorization with a RA number.

Use of Impact Wrench of Any Kind or Over Torquing Can Result in Damage to the Bolts and Inserts

  • All warranties are VOID if this is done. If Impact or over torque is the issue, it will be obvious upon inspection.
  • Repairs can be made at 35.00/insert, replacement hardware of $63.96 per bead lock ring and return shipping.
  • Shipping to our facility is the responsibility of the customer.

For further information, call 816-903-3600

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